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NCG AVIATION offers you customized, cost-effective services tailored to your demanding needs. Our expertise excels in supporting aircraft lessors, commercial aviation operations, and OEM’s with a wide variety of services. Our mission is to provide you with unparalleled maintenance, operational & asset management support for your aircraft at the highest level.


SAVE MONEY | Short term storage cost more instead of having us operating one of your Aircraft once a month!

call us now... We are pleased to explain you this solution.


Did you Keep your asset compliant... also while ferrying or during MCF / Demo-Flights?...

In Addition we offer Part-NCC or Part-CAT compliant partner AOC organizations as hosting environment and being the operator with EASA approved management organization in-house - so we keep your aircraft during the transition phase from lessee to another - FLYING IN A COMPLIANT MANNER.


Our Hosting  AOC is also available depending on your registry needs.


Our experienced Aircraft Transition Management & Ferry Crew Network encompasses numerous aircraft types operated, such as:

  • A320 Family Aircraft

  • A330/A350

  • B737 (all models), B777, B747

  • Bombardier Q400, Q300

  • Bombardier Global 5000 / 6000, Falcon 7X, Falcon 2000

  • PC24, PC12

  • C421, C414, DA42, Beech Baron

  • and many more

Ferry Flight Services 24/7

We provide in cooperation with our Operating Partner full project management for any ferry flight to ensure that your aircraft is moved efficiently, cost effectively and in a professional manner.

  • Flight planning and actual flight progress reporting

  • Dispatch / OCC Services (24hours)

  • Flight watch, Flight following

  • Visa and Security Clearance Support (including TSA Approval)

  • State of the art Flight Planning and Trip Support

  • Performance Calculations

  • Diplomatic clearances

  • Cost-effective positioning of flight crew to and from assignment via our own 24/7 Travel agency

  • RVSM Approvals

  • Fuel uplift, fuel contracts

  • Insurance

  • Ground handling

  • EASA NCC-Compliance, AUA-OPS 2, IOMAR, a.s.o.

Meticulous Planning, on time, on cost delivery.

From our team members to our external chosen Dispatch and Maintenance providers...


Service Level - Swiss Made 

Our Aviation Asset Management team is an integral part of our aviation platform that provides the full range of asset management services – third-party aircraft remarketing, lease management, and technical and general consultancy services – to airlines, lessors, investors, bondholders and financial institutions. Our clients receive services either as a fully packaged solution or on a standalone basis to best suit their needs.

Our professionals located in around the Globe possess detailed market knowledge and established industry relationships and reputation. They have extensive experience in the commercial aviation environment, having previously worked for Original Equipment Manufacturers, (aircraft and aero engine) lessors as well as airlines.

The team also adds value to the Lessors or Bank’s broader customer requirements, often playing an active role in the evaluation of asset exposures being contemplated by the financing teams, and as part of a transaction team mandated to perform an advisory project.


Full AAM on clients behalf

We offer you to delegate all asset supervision & management tasks to us. By performing regualr and unnanounced auditing, inspection & monitoring tasks, we gain and maintain a clear, focussed picture and knwoledge status of your asset.

All building block services of customized AAM are contained and managed thoroughly in our unique in-house Database.

Within regular intervals tailored reports according to client information needs are being delivered in various data formats.

Operator Audits, Asset Appraisals, Engines and Part Valuations are included in the service.

Our unique database allows you to interact with the operator and the NCG Aviation asset managers thoughout our client individual dashboard.

your asset in our focus

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