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Our highly experienced team is here to assist you:

Capt. TRE / Adrian Gallati
Director Operation & AAM

With over 25years in aviation and Asset management / A320, A330 Ferry & Demopilot experienced, Adrian is one of our most valued internal asset. He oversees the test & demopilot team and inspectors assigned to asset management.

Marco Eckl
Head of Ground OPS + Dispatch at QCM
Nadine Bieri

owner and co-founder of NCG Group. She is a highly talented marketing expert and oversees our corporate governance and global stategic precence.

Head of CAMO & Maintenance

Our global expert in terms of ground handling, cheap fuel purchase and flight watch around the globe. Every mission is carefully planned and controlled by his international team, working 24/7 to satisfly excellence in customer service.

With over two decades of experience in aircraft maintenance and Engineering we are happy to partner you up with QCM or CAMO24 and various Part-145, and Part-21 organisations  holding all appovals for you aircraft type.

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